Almost any vehicle can be vinyl wrapped whether to change the colour or carry a printed message or a theme.
There is a huge range of colours, effects and textures of vinyl to choose from, sourced from the best brands.
For corporate and photo-quality wraps the design is printed then over-laminated with a clear gloss or matte UV protective film. The advanced adhesives do not migrate into the paint surface and can be removed cleanly with the aid of a hot-air gun.
Vinyl wrapping protects the factory paint from scratches and sun damage for up to 10 years depending on the type of vinyl, weather exposure and care. Wraps can be polished and waxed to maintain their brilliance.
Older vehicles with paint of dubious quality can be wrapped, but with care. An adhesion test is performed to assess suitability prior to wrapping. Plastics with low surface tension may need to be treated prior to wrapping.

Stone Chip & Keying Protection:

Protect your vehicle from stone chips, keying by vandals, sun damage, grit abrasion and fuel spillages.
The hi-tech, near-invisible polyurethane film can be applied over paint or vinyl wrap.
When a vehicle is wrapped with a texture or a matte finish the protective film can be applied first then wrapped over with colour or texture, providing absolutely invisible protection.